Jiangmen Zhongyu Boat Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Sanya Village, Gujing Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. Outstanding port conditions, location conditions. Established in 2017, the company is a new type of ship industry enterprise focusing on the construction of ships. It strictly follows the requirements of modern construction ship companies to carry out overall scientific layout. The design process is rigorous and the manufacturing process equipment is advanced, which fully reflects the modern construction model.

The company covers an area of 22,888 square meters, accounting for 160 meters of coastline, and invested 12 million yuan in the first phase. There are 8 ships, supporting warehouses and office facilities; more than 6,000 square meters of the factories in the second phase of the expansion plan and 4 ships. After completion, the construction cycle of 50,000 years of shipbuilding capacity has fully adapted to the needs of the market.