Jiangmen fishing boat construction factory: which fishing boats should be distinguished from?

2020-08-21 914

Fishing vessels can be divided into marine fishing vessels and inland fishing vessels according to different working waters.

(1) marine fishing vessels. Marine fishing boat is a kind of vessel used to capture aquatic economic animals and plants in the ocean. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into trawler, purse seine, tension net, fishing boat, gill net, etc. The requirements of seaworthiness of marine fishing vessels are high. In order to increase the time of marine operation, the ship should have satisfactory fish tanks and fuel tanks; besides the equipment required for satisfactory flight, special mechanical equipment and instruments should also be provided. Large scale marine fishing vessels have refrigeration and catch processing equipment with high speed. In addition to the high power of the main engine, they are also equipped with propulsion equipment that is used to capture operations, such as head and tail side thruster, ducted propeller, variable pitch propeller, etc.


According to the different working waters, marine fishing vessels are divided into offshore fishing vessels and ocean fishing vessels.

Inshore fishing vessels refer to the sea vessels which catch in batches in the sea area under the jurisdiction of China. Ocean going fishing vessels refer to fishing vessels operating in the high seas or sea areas under the jurisdiction of other countries.

(2) inland fishing vessels. Inland fishing boats are fishing boats that capture freshwater aquatic animals and plants in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. There are a large number of inland fishing vessels in China, but compared with marine fishing vessels, inland fishing vessels generally have smaller ship standards, simpler equipment on board and smaller production scope.

2.1.2 aquaculture fishing vessels

The vessels used for the breeding and production management of fish, shrimp, shellfish and algae are mainly used to transport breeding seedlings, materials, feed and personnel. The types and sizes of fishing vessels for aquaculture are different. The requirement for vessels is to have a wider deck to facilitate the equipment of relevant feeding equipment and materials.

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